Code of Ethics

  • Support of compliance tasks with the application of standard processes and controls.
  • Objectivity, due diligence and professional supply according to best practice.
  • Legality, honesty, professional skepticism.
  • Treatment of information is proportional to degree of secrecy and confidentiality
  • Passing all of the significant facts and information from the result of our work to competent stakeholders.
  • Increasing awareness of information security and control and teaching their importance.
  • Working exclusively in activities that are equal to our professional competence.


Let things evolve. We endeavor to understand our customers and their company - every parameter, relationship and history of parameters necessary to our particular service - crystal clear. This endeavor with our ethic principles gives additional knowledge by which we can extend highly efficient support to our customers.

General Goals

We provide services for companies which do not have a separate department for compliance, control, internal audit or development of related processes and regulations.

  1. Support of decision making
    Data and data management are a company's principal value. Our aim is to give devices into decision makers' (owners and top managers) hand which they can adapt easily in high-level questions in related data (storage, management) constituting their property enhancing the company's value hereby.
  2. Support of data security
    Our aim is to provide realization of data storage and data management function with standard guidelines, high-level processes and objective controls in accordance with the company's functionality, actual strategy and supervisory organizations.
  3. Support of common language between Informatics and Business
  4. Long-lasting customer satisfaction
    Our aim is to follow up the result of closed projects after delivery as long as possible based on response from our customers, and to apply the impact of the result of the project for our improvement as well as to feed experiences back to new projects.
  5. Improvement of added value
    Our aim is to develop our existing competencies with continuous trainings and to primarily concentrate on IT audit and project management where we have the highest qualifications.


Project Control, Project Management

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